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Services we offer

We offer a similar service with almost every other hard surface including pattern imprinted concrete, traditional paving slabs, concrete pathways and decking. Whatever the surface we probably have the tools for the job and would not take it on if we were not confident that we could transform the appearance to your satisfaction.

We are able to carry out the work whether or not you are at home as long as we have access to an outside tap or other water supply. We will not normally need an electricity supply as our equipment is petrol or diesel driven.

Cleaning driveways can be a messy business but our equipment reduces this to a minimum and we will take care to remove all the mess immediately on completion of cleaning. When applying sealant we will shield adjacent areas to avoid overspill.

A ‘clean only’ job would normally be completed in one day but any further treatment will involve at least one further visit because it is essential that areas to be sanded and/or sealed are dry. To this extent only we may be restricted by the weather but would always aim to complete the job as soon as possible. Cleaning only work can be undertaken at any time of the year but we would not normally be prepared to undertake outdoor surface sealing in the winter because it is not likely to be as effective as when applied in the warmer months.

The sealants we use carry the same hazard rating as some paints but we would always recommend no vehicles onto a newly sealed drive for 12 hours and children and pets should be kept off for five hours. If you elect the clean only option the newly cleaned area can be used immediately.
We will be as professional in our customer relations as we will be diligent in our work. Our pricing structure is competitive and we know that our future success will depend on our reputation. Click on the links for more information.

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